Batman v Superman: Bruce Wayne Needs Lots Of Therapy


Batman v Superman star Ben Affleck thinks Bruce Wayne needs to be in therapy

I think we can all agree that at some point in his life, it probably would have been better for Bruce Wayne emotionally to just see a damn therapist rather than put on a batsuit and punch guys. Sure we wouldn’t have Batman, but we’d probably have a well-adjusted billionaire philanthropist still pumping plenty of money into helping Gotham and not recklessly risking his life every night. It sure a hell wouldn’t make him so paranoid that he needs to go out and destroy Superman like he’s set to do in the upcoming Batman v Superman.

And Batman v Superman star Ben Affleck agrees. He thinks Bruce needs to be in therapy most of the week, but recognizes that if Bruce gets better mentally, there’s no more Batman movies:

"I think he should be in therapy four days a week. Bruce Wayne needs therapy like a fish needs water. But then we wouldn’t have any movies because he’d be very well-adjusted….Keep him out of therapy for another few movies."

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Of course, a good therapy angle could totally be sending Bruce Wayne into therapy and his therapist is Hugo Strange, who twists his mind and turns him against his allies, maybe even the Justice League. But yeah, a happy Bruce Wayne won’t be spending his nights punching thugs on the rooftops of Gotham, so any therapy can probably wait a little while. Although maybe after Batman v Superman, Batman needs to talk to somebody about trust issues at least, otherwise how are you going to lead the Justice League? See Bruce Wayne not really deal with his issues when Batman v Superman opens in theaters in just 6 days on March 25th.