Melissa Benoist Wants Batgirl On Supergirl


Melissa Benoist has a unique idea how to bring Batgirl to Supergirl

Supergirl is a great show. One that would be even better if Supergirl had her bestie in crimefighting, Batgirl at least occasionally show up (and preferably get her own show and it would be like a female version of Arrow and Flash where they just hang out all the time). Melissa Benoist is totally for this idea of bringing Batgirl to Supergirl, and has a twist on it, but I think most fans wouldn’t be happy about Batgirl being brought on this way:

"Chyler Leigh who plays Alex on the show, her and I actually, we kind of have a theory that perhaps, and this is just us, we are not the authority on this, but we think that Alex could make a really good Batgirl. She’s got all the gear and the gadgets and the D.E.O to make her a really good Batgirl."

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Now, I really enjoy Chyler Leigh’s character, but she can’t be Batgirl. Batgirl has to be James Gordon’s daughter who is inspired by Batman to become Batgirl. How does she become Batgirl on her own? She didn’t have her parents viciously killed in front of her and come up with the inspiration to dress like a bat to instill fear in superstitious criminals, and nobody in National City is running around in a batsuit  Maybe there’s a little bit of a slippery slope there, because then you are implicating Batman and Gotham city and all that’s connected to it exists in the world of Supergirl. But you can also totally ignore that or at worst give it passing mentions like they already do with Superman and Metropolis. If you are going to have Chyler Leigh become someone from the comics, have it be someone whose origin isn’t as ingrained and iconic. Huntress would be a great one. You can erase the whole “her father was a mob boss” origin and it won’t matter.

I would love for Batgirl to be on Supergirl, I’ve written about it repeatedly. But she’s too deeply linked to Batman to have her origin be anything but being Comissioner Gordon’s daughter and Batman’s ally/current or former protege depending on what version you go with.  So hopefully we do see Batgirl on Supergirl someday. just not like Melissa Benoist wants it.