Scott Snyder Will Not Be Writing Detective Comics


Word has leaked that Scott Snyder will not be taking over Detective Comics after Rebirth as was originally thought.

Ask anyone who was a big fan of DC Comics’ New 52 and they will tell you that the best part of DC’s attempt to reboot/relaunch their entire universe was Batman by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. The book was a monster hit right out of the gate and that momentum didn’t slow down one bit through 50 issues of greatness.

Everyone knew that the superstar creative team wouldn’t stay on Batman forever, but that didn’t stop everyone from hoping for just one more story, one more panel of a Batman series that has come to define the character in many ways.

Almost as influential as The Dark Knight Returns, the duos run of Batman has been one for the ages.

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When it was revealed that Capullo would be leaving with issue #50 (out this week), fans had realized the end had finally come. Then when it was announced that Batman was going bi-weekly after Rebirth and Snyder would be leaving as well, fans wept in their comic shops.

But there was hope. Rumors had been circulating for weeks that Snyder would be staying with the character, taking over Detective Comics and working with a group of top artists to bring his latest Batman story to life.

Now it seems that isn’t going to happen.

Greg Capullo’s Batman

It is being reported by Bleeding Cool that while it was originally thought that Detective Comics would be staying monthly while Batman went bi-weekly, it appears Detective will be bi-weekly as well. That means Snyder, who’s time it as a premium, won’t be working on the title as he has no interest in dealing with those kinds of deadlines.

But he will still be writing Batman.

It appears the story Snyder has been working on will be published later this year in a “deluxe, extended format” and that it will be monthly as well as in continuity. The as-yet untitled series will go through Batman’s rogue’s gallery starting with Two-Face and will see Snyder working with a number of artists, including the likes of Sean Gordon Murphy and John Romita Jr.

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Honestly, I really don’t care if Snyder tells his Batman story in Detective, a separate series or writes it down on a roll of toilet paper, I will read it regardless. The man is an incredible writer and knowing that now he will get an opportunity to work with a who’s who of great artists to bring this story of the Dark Knight to life is amazing.

Stay with Bam Smack Pow for more on this new series as it is released.