Cory Walker Returns To Invincible


Cory Walker, the original artist that helped launch Invincible with Robert Kirkman, is returning for six issues and we have a preview.

With The Walking Dead seemingly everywhere these days, it might be easy to forget that Robert Kirkman has another ongoing series from Image that has been published for a number of years. Invincible tells the story of Mark Grayson and his life as a superhero, which is anything but typical.

While the book normally features art by regular artist Ryan Ottley, he is taking a break for a few months so he can work on his own creator-owned title Grizzly Shark. So who better to fill in for the next six issue arc starting with issue #127 than original artist Cory Walker?

Walker did the art for the first seven issues of Invincible and then left the title. And while he has returned to do covers and a couple of back-up stories, this will mark his first time working on the book on a regular basis in almost 13 years.

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When asked about Walker’s return to Invincible by Image, Kirkman seems very enthusiastic to have him back, even if it’s only for six issues.

"“It’s great to be working with Cory again on Invincible. This is a very special thing for me, while Cory has come back for a couple of issues here and there, this is the real deal—six FULL issues! This is the first time since the first six issues that Cory and I have done a consecutive run on this book. It’s very exciting, and as you will see in this issue, Cory is absolutely bringing his A-Game… and just wait until you see what’s coming.”"

Lucky for you, we have a preview of what’s coming.

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If you were there from the beginning of Invincible, then this will be a real treat to see Walker return to a book he helped launch and set the artistic tone for. If you are a newcomer to the book, you get to experience a small history lesson of how it all looked when it began.

Invincible #127 will be released on April 20, 2016.