Injustice: Gods Among Us – Year Five Chapter 14 Review


Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five Chapter 14 was another riveting issue as Brian Buccellato and Mike S. Miller create a great ending story for Damian Wayne.

Once again Brian Buccellato and Mike S. Miller collaborate to create another great chapter of Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five. Buccellato has really flourished with this series; he has taken characters that are relatively unimportant and have given them meaning, such as Hawkman, Damian and Bizarro.

Chapter 13 was the first part of Damian’s story, with him dealing with his conflicting views of Superman and Batman. This chapter is him venting out his frustrations via physical combat. Dick Grayson, former Nightwing and member of the Bat family, narrates this issue.

Grayson describes Damian as the best individual to have ever worn the Robin costume. In Grayson’s words, Damian is not only the purest fighter, but he’s quick on his feet and knows how to mentally make things work to his advantage in any situation in his life.

Damian needed time to clear his head after his encounters with Alfred and the fight with Catwoman, so he journeys into Bludhaven to infiltrate the secret lair of one of the big bads of the world, Black Mask. Damian wastes no time making his presence known as he immediately takes on the gang with no hesitation.

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Damian makes light work of Scarecrow, Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum, Man-Bat, Mad Hatter, and Black Mask, putting them out of commission with ease. Damian believes that the battle is over until Bronze Tiger and the second wave of Black Mask’s gang physically overtake the youngest Robin. Before he passes out, he has the clear vision to see that Bronze Tiger had turned on his gang and started attacking his own teammates.

Damian regains consciousness at the Hall of Justice infirmary with Cyborg congratulation him for taking down Black Mask and his gang. Damian tries explaining to Cyborg that it was not him who took down the gang, that Bronze Tiger took down the majority of them. When Cyborg dismisses Damian’s claim with facts, Damian brushes it off. Before he leaves the infirmary, Cyborg tells Damian happy birthday and that there was a package for him.

Damian opens the package, realizing that he has been gifted the iconic batons Nightwing had used during his crime fighting days. Since Damian stole the Nightwing outfit from the Batcave (in Chapter 13) it’s only right that he has the weapons with him as well. Superman says that while the Nightwing costume looks good on Damian and he showed great bravery today, what he did was foolish.

Damian goes on to explain to Superman that he just needed to clear his head after the conversation he had with Alfred. The son of Bruce Wayne divulges what Alfred shared with him, the man of steel laughs it off but he walks away with a disdained look on his face.

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The Bottom Line: Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five chapter 14 was another filler issue but makes complete sense moving forward. Buccellato choosing Damian as a character to have his own mini story arc makes complete sense seeing that he has ties to both the Regime and the Resistance.

Superman is quite frankly tired of Batman, his resistance, and his crap. Alfred’s words about him might have been the breaking point that sends him off the deep end for Bruce Wayne and his allies’ blood.