Is Batman v Superman Already Fizzling Out?


Batman v Superman set records this weekend, including one very, very bad one

Batman v Superman was a resounding success financially at the box office this weekend. It had the biggest opening globally of any comic book movie ever, and was one of the top March openings of all time. Even if it has a drop off next weekend as most movies do, surely this can be considered a win for Warner Bros. and DC, right?

Well not if the drop-off is too significant, and the opening weekend numbers are already showing that trend. Batman v Superman may have started with a bang, but as the weekend went on, it’s box office numbers dropped drastically. According to Forbes,  its Friday-Sunday gross dropped a whopping 55%. That is literally the worst drop of that kind of any movie EVER. The previous record-holder for this was Fantastic Four, and we know how well that film did.

So what does this mean for Batman v Superman? It means the film may have to scratch and claw it’s way to make the final box office total it actually needs to reach in order to be considered a success. Remember, this is really a movie that needs to gross over a billion dollars to not be considered a disappointment. It’s certainly not unheard of for a film to have a sharp drop off and still accomplish that. Both Avengers: Age of Ultron & Dark Knight Rises had a pretty steep decline after their opening weekends and still managed to pass the billion-dollar mark globally, but they weren’t nearly as high as the drop-off for Batman v Superman.

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Batman v Superman obviously has a strong following among certain fans who will or already have seen it multiple times, but is that enough to sustain the momentum to make it the success it needs to be? Remember, if it ends up taking in “just” $800 million dollars or so globally, which is a little less than double its opening weekend numbers, it will be considered a flop. Keep a very close eye on how Batman v Superman does this next weekend, and whether or not that affects Warner Bros. plans in any way.