New Lego Batman Movie Trailer!


Check out the new trailer for the Lego Batman Movie!

We only got our first taste of the Lego Batman Movie last week with a very brief trailer. But here we are again with an all new one! Why another trailer in just a week? Because Lego Batman is just that cool!

This second trailer really isn’t any more revealing than the first, but that’s probably a good thing. It features Batman, alone in one of his many empty rooms feeling a bit lonely and talking to pictures of his parents, until Alfred (played by Ralph Fiennes) “surprises” him. Alfred asks if Batman wants to talk about his feelings, but if there’s one thing Batman, Lego or otherwise doesn’t do, it’s talk about his feelings. Check out the trailer for the Lego Batman Movie below:

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This latest trailer for the Lego Batman Movie is just another great piece of world-building. I’m sure there’s going to be more trailers in the time to come I’m sure since the movie isn’t out until next year, but hopefully this is the last one for at least a little while or they’ll be doing overkill on this. It’s great that they treat all Batman’s movies and his 60’s TV shows as “phases”. Though what I really hope they do with the Lego Batman Movie is some deep dives into obscure Batman stuff. Bring out characters like Bat-Mite and ridiculous villains like Signal-Man and Condiment King! The Lego Batman Movie features Will Arnett as Batman, Ralph  Fiennes as Alfred, Michael Cera as Robin, Rosario Dawson as Batgirl and Zach Galifianakis as the Joker. Hopefully there will be some other surprise characters showing up as well. Anyone from the original Lego Movie perhaps? The Lego Batman Movie opens February of next year.