Third Teaser For Dead No More Released


A third teaser for the forthcoming Spider-Man event “Dead No More” has been released, but with a twist.

Yesterday Marvel dropped a pair of teasers for what looks to be the next major Spider-Man event, called “Dead No More.” The first image featured a number of deceased members of Spider-Man’s supporting cast, including Uncle Ben and Jean DeWolff. The other showed Spider-Man battling what seems to be a set of mechanical arms, which are very reminiscent of those used by Doctor Octopus.

Now Marvel has released a third teaser, this one centering on some of Spider-Man’s superhero allies. The new image features the Scarlet Spider, the Prowler and Madam Web but leaves fans with even more questions than answers.

The image came with no other information other than the date Fall 2016, same of the other two that have been released by Marvel.

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First, it’s unclear which version of the Scarlet Spider we’re talking about in the image. It could be Kaine, who is the current person under the mask, or it could be Ben Reilly considering the name of the event we’re talking about here. Also, this version of Madam Web looks an awful lot like the original, who died during the “Grim Hunt” storyline.

And most mystifying of all, this teaser seems to be out of order.

When you line up the three teasers released thus far, there is clearly a panel missing.

One has to think that the final teaser, which if Marvel continues this pattern will be revealed tomorrow, will show who the big villain of the storyline will be. If I was a betting man I would have to guess Doc Ock, back from the dead and looking for revenge after the events that closed out Superior Spider-Man.

Marvel will pull the curtain back completely on “Dead No More” in this year’s Free Comic Book Day offering. It will be the flip side of the Captain America: Steve Rogers series lead-in and should answer a lot of questions about that is looking like a pretty big storyline for Spider-Man.