Preview: Midnight Of The Soul #1 From Image Comics


Midnight of the Soul by legendary comic book creator Howard Chaykin is launching this June from Image Comics.

If you are a long-time comic book reader, then it is almost a given that somewhere in one of your longboxes you own a comic with the name Howard Chaykin in the credits.

A creative force in the industry since the 1970s, Chaykin has worked on more titles than I could possibly list here. The two projects he is probably best known for is drawing the first 10 issues of Star Wars from Marvel Comics in 1976 and for his creator-owned work, including American Flagg!, American Century and more recently Satellite Sam with Matt Fraction.

Now Image has announced that Chaykin’s latest project is ready to hit store shelves. Midnight of the Soul is an all-new miniseries that he will write and draw that will combine noir elements with that special brand of storytelling only Chaykin can bring to a project.

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From the Image press release:

"Set in 1950, MIDNIGHT OF THE SOUL follows Joel Breakstone, a former G.I., one of the liberators of Auschwitz, and a walking pile of seriously damaged goods. He hasn’t exhaled a sober breath in five years—until the sheltered life he’s created for himself unravels and he begins the long night that will change his life forever."

When asked about the book, Chaykin says it is something he has been waiting to bring to life for a long time.

"“Midnight of the Soul is a labor of love. A dream project I’ve been working on for nearly twenty years—and I’m thrilled to finally get the chance to put it on paper.”"

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Midnight of the Soul will hit comic book stores everywhere on Wednesday, June 8, 2016. if you are a Chaykin fan (and who isn’t?) then I suggest you let your local store know you want a copy now.