Fourth Dead No More Teaser Adds Some Villains


A fourth teaser for the Spider-Man event “Dead No More” has been released and it would seem to make things a bit more clear as to where things are going.

Okay. Now we’re getting somewhere.

After three teasers that didn’t really reveal much about what readers could expect from the forthcoming Spider-Man event “Dead No More”, a fourth has made at least a few things more clear.

In the first, we saw a number of deceased members of Spider-Man’s supporting cast while the second featured Spider-Man battling what looked like could be an updated version of Doctor Octopus. A third starred the Scarlet Spider, the Prowler and Madam Web but didn’t line up with the other two, leaving a space in-between.

Now the fourth teaser, which lines up with the third one released yesterday, gives us the Rhino, Electro and the Lizard and what looks to be more mechanical arms that might belong to Doc Ock.

So how does this make anything more clear? Well, if you have been reading Amazing Spider-Man, you know that both the Rhino and the Lizard have recently been visited by a mysterious man in a red suit, who has resurrected their loved ones in exchange for agreeing to work for him.

So who exactly is the man in the red suit? Many are betting on Mephisto, who as any Spider-Man fan remembers was responsible for the dissolution of Peter and Mary Jane’s marriage in “One More Day”. Others are thinking maybe Mysterio, who has been known to pull stunts like this before.

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It would seem we may get our answer tomorrow, when a fifth teaser should arrive right on schedule.

“Dead No More” is part of this year’s Free Comic Book Day offering from Marvel. It will be the flip side of the Captain America: Steve Rogers series lead-in and should make everything clear as to what will be happening to Spider-Man this fall.