Gotham: Into The Woods Preview


Take a look a the next episode of Gotham, “Into The Woods”!

We’ll have to wait two weeks until April 11th, but that’s when an all-new episode Gotham is upon us. Jim Gordon is free from prison but on the run and trying to prove his innocence, while Penguin is dealing with the death of his newly discovered father in “Into The Woods”!

Here’s a synopsis of “Into The Woods”:

"In an attempt to clear his name, Gordon steals his case file and approaches Nygma for help. Meanwhile, Penguin discovers his step-family’s role in his father’s death, and awakens from his conditioning."

And here’s a video preview of “Into The Woods” as well:

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That’s right people, Barbara Kean is awake from her coma! Will she be a changed person, or will she still be the same old psycopath? Will she undergo any “conditioning” from Hugo Strange? It at least looks like she’s quickly released from Arkham, so where does her story go from here?

If Jim is turning to Nygma for help, obviously he has no clue Nygma was the one who framed Gordon and got him sent to prison. Will Nygma tip his hand by not actually helping Gordon? I’ve mentioned before, but the really smart, Riddler-esque play for Nygma here would be to prove Gordon’s innocence while not implicating himself in the frame-up, as it would throw pretty much any suspicion of Nygma in regards to  Miss Kringle’s mysterious disappearance.

It also seems that in “Into he Woods”, we’ll see more about how Bruce Wayne is handling life on the streets. Whatever he is doing seems to be leading to yet another big “Batman” moment as you see Bruce leaping between buildings. Tune in for an all-new episode of Gotham, “Into The Woods” in two weeks, April 11th on Fox!