Gwen Stacy Arrives In New Dead No More Teaser


The fifth teaser for “Dead No More” finally sees the appearance of Gwen Stacy and… a guy in a dog mask?

When the first teaser for the forthcoming Spider-Man event “Dead No More” was released, many fans asked themselves the same question: Where is Gwen Stacy? The first teaser featured a number of supporting cast members for Spider-Man who have taken the proverbial dirt nap, including Captain Stacy, Uncle Ben and Jean DeWolff.

As everyone knows, Gwen Stacy perished at the hands of the Green Goblin in the now legendary story “The Night Gwen Stacy Died” from Amazing Spider-Man #121. She is one of only a small handful of comic book characters that has actually managed to stay dead, despite efforts to bring her back, most recently as part of “Brand New Day” when thankfully, smarter voices prevailed.

But with a storyline called “Dead No More” and even Uncle Ben on the table, Gwen Stacy had to be on her way back from the dead, right? There was just no way she couldn’t be.

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Well, now we have an answer… and another question.

In the fifth teaser for “Dead No More” to be released this week, Gwen Stacy is front and center, seemingly sipping champagne with none other than the mysterious man in the red suit who has been popping up in Amazing Spider-Man, making deals with some of Spider-Man’s deadliest adversaries. Of course, I didn’t expect to see the the man in the red suit wearing a dog mask, but hey, whatever.

Also, the new teaser fits the overall image after the one featuring the Scarlet Spider, the Prowler and Madam Web, which means there is still a big gap in the middle yet to be revealed.

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So how will Gwen Stacy fit into the whole “Dead No More” storyline? Is she working with the Man in Red? Is this one of the many, many alternate versions of the character? And most important, will she be sticking around once all is said and done?

We will all hopefully start to get some answers on Free Comic Book Day when the opening chapter of “Dead No More” debuts on the flip side of the Captain America: Steve Rogers series lead-in.

One more day of the week, one more teaser to go.