Wizard World St. Louis 2016: Daredevil Panel


Bam Smack Pow presents our transcription of the Daredevil panel at Wizard World St. Louis 2016!

Greetings fellow comic book fans! Welcome to Bam Smack Pow’s final post covering Wizard World St. Louis 2016 and it is a partial transcription of the Daredevil panel featuring Charlie Cox and Elden Henson!

It’s been a lot of fun, first going to the con and then writing it up for all of you to enjoy, if you’re going to be in the St. Louis area next spring maybe you can time your visit with Wizard World St. Louis and maybe I will see you there!

The legal jargon, how do you guys get that down? You say it so convincingly, I mean you’re actors so you have to I know but what’s the process like to get into doing that sort of jargon so well?

Elden: Well I always ask Deborah how I pronounce the words ’cause she’s really smart yeah I don’t know it’s uh, I’m very uneducated so it’s not as easy as it seems.

Charlie: I just spend a lot of time with the dictionary.

Elden, Foggy grew a lot from season one through season two, is there a moment like as an actor where you felt very proud of Foggy? Where you were just like “yeah Foggy you did it” where you were just the proudest of Foggy, if that question makes any sense.

Yeah when he sort of uh sticks it to Reyes a little bit you know when he’s talking about the witness or whatever and that was pretty nice to see him sort of find his uh I was gonna say balls but I saw there are some kids here sorry parents!

Charlie, who did you prefer fighting, ninjas, bikers, or Jon Bernthal?

Well it is not fun to fight Jon. He’s like me we both take the whole thing very seriously. There was a scene that we had early on where he was really in it and I was really in it and we both wanted the scene to be really good but, he was kicking me really hard in the ribs! And the first few takes it was “ah I’m not going to say anything I’m just going to deal with it” cause you know I don’t want him to feel like he has to think about that. But after three or four takes I was like “dude you gotta stop you’re kicking me really really hard”.

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Do they make you aware of how everything is going to mesh together and what the final result is going to work ahead of time? With all the open ended stuff at the end of season two, did they write that with a Daredevil season three in mind or was The Defenders the big picture?

Charlie: Sadly it’s a very easy question to answer because they tell us absolutely nothing! To the point where I didn’t even know where season two was going to end up. Like I was reading the episodes as the come in. So um, with Defenders, I know we’re gonna do it, I have no idea who’s going to be show running it, I don’t know what the story is gonna be, other than the four defenders I don’t all the characters that are going to be involved. Um and we have no idea if we’re going to be commissioned for a season three. I mean I think that they wrote season two with the intention of there being something to come after both seasons but until that’s actually official we won’t know.

If you guys had the chance to interact with any other Marvel characters, not counting those who will be on The Defenders, who would you want to interact with?

Elden: Well this uh, wouldn’t make any sense, but I uh, I’m a big fan of Guardians of the Galaxy! I would like to work with Starlord. Maybe I could defend him in like a suet.

Charlie: Again I’d like to preface this with saying I have no insider information I have no idea if this is something that could happen in the future but um, you know having become a big fan of Deadpool comics I think at some point if we do continue to make the show I’d like to see Bullseye show up. The show wouldn’t feel complete without some sort of mention of him or something.

Do you have any insight into how your characters are going to react to any of the Defenders characters?

Elden: No. Honestly I don’t I just I don’t know honestly I just feel super lucky to have a job. But I don’t, I don’t know the comics that well so as the scripts come in I’ll have an idea but as an actor I’m just happy to have a job. So I don’t know Charlie probably has a better answer. Charlie: Um I you know, I love it when there are these subtle mentions in both of the shows. Having become a fan I like it when there are mentions of, the obvious one was in season one when there was a mention of the man in the iron suit or the magic hammer, and of course all the fans know who we’re talking about. I like the way that they do it so it’s just a hint just a subtle nod and nothing major. I like that what they’re doing is that the shows remain basically autonomous with little hints here and there and then obviously they’re gonna collide in a big way in Defenders. So we’ll get to see what those relationships are beginning to look like.

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Before I go I want to take the time to thank Wizard World, and especially Abby Ferguson in their media relations department. This is the second year in a row that Eric and I have personally interacted with Abby over the course of the con and she and all the Wizard World people have always been very friendly and accommodating to help us get the best coverage of the con that we could. So thank you Wizard World, and thank you Abby, I look forward to hopefully working with you next year!

This is our last article covering Wizard World St. Louis 2016 but be sure to check out our other articles covering the con, like our cosplay photos, and our transcriptions of the Mike Colter panel and the Elizabeth Henstridge panel!