Gotham: Nygma Doesn’t Realize He’s The Riddler Yet


Corey Michael Smith says Edward Nygma is still on the path to really becoming the Riddler on Gotham

Edward Nygma recently performed his first overly-complicated riddle-crime on Gotham! But Cory Michael Smith, who plays Edward Nygma on the show, says Ed still has a ways to go before he becomes the Riddler we all know and love/fear.

In this video interview with Nerdist, Cory Michael Smith talks about the fact that while Nygma has used the iconic green question mark, and he likes using riddles, he doesn’t even realize that the Riddler is “his thing” yet. He also gets asked the question of whether or not we will see him wear that infamous green spandex suit the Riddler is often known for in the comics on Gotham. Check it out below:

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Well, Mr. Smith doesn’t seem horribly keen on the “classic” Riddler look, but who can blame him really. There’s very few people skintight green spandex would really look appealing on. Though he hardly has to go that route. The Riddler has sported many different looks over the years. One of his more iconic was probably on the Batman: The Animated series cartoon, where he had more of a dapper look with a lot of green and I certainly think that is a look that could be adapted for Gotham:

Either way, we are just getting started on seeing Edward Nygma on the path to truly becoming the Riddler. He’s certainly hit a bump in the road  being caught and all, but my guess is he’ll be out soon (he is in Arkham after all, they release certifiable nutjobs on a regular basis) and treating the GCPD and especially James Gordon to all sorts of deadly new riddles. Watch it all unfold on Gotham Monday nights on Fox!

h/t Nerdist