Avengers Standoff Finale Features The Return Of (SPOILER)


A staple of the cosmic corner of the Marvel Universe is apparently set to make their return during the finale of Avengers Standoff.

SPOILERS follow for the finale of the Avengers Standoff event! If you don’t want to know, stop reading! You have been warned.

Everyone has pretty much agreed that Avengers Standoff has been something of a letdown since it began a few months ago. The story, which seemed all over the place from the get go, never really came together the I think Marvel was expecting and while it has had a few bright spots, overall it has been a slog to get through.

One of the things that kept me coming back was knowing that a new team of Thunderbolts was going to spin out of the finale with the Winter Soldier as their leader. As a T-bolts fan from way back, this was more than enough to get me excited about reading Avengers Standoff: Assault On Pleasant Hill: Omega #1.

Now I may have another reason to get excited.

Last week Marvel released this teaser that got people talking:

Given the star symbol, most figured it would mark the return of the original Captain Mar-vell or possibly Richard Rider as Nova.

Instead, Bleeding Cool has discovered that it is the return of none other than Quasar.

Wendell Vaughn as Quasar

For those that may not remember, Quasar was a staple of the cosmic corner of the Marvel Universe for years. That version of the character was Wendell Vaughn and he was last seen as a member of the Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning version of the Guardians of the Galaxy and in the Annihilators: Earthfall miniseries.

But this Quasar is going to be a new version, a woman and someone we have already met in the pages of the Avengers Standoff crossover.

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Apparently, Avril Kincaid, an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. who debuted in Captain America: Sam Wilson #7 will be the new Quasar as a result of events in Avengers Standoff: Assault On Pleasant Hill: Omega.

If you remember, in Sam Wilson #7, she went off in search of some “secret weapon” in the Pleasant Hill museum that could help defeat Baron Zemo and his allies. That weapon, or weapons, are the Quantum Bands that are worn by Quasar and she puts them on to assist the Avengers.

What happened to Wendell Vaughn and if this version of Quasar will be headlining her own series at some point is unknown right now. But her adventure apparently begins in Avengers Standoff: Assault On Pleasant Hill: Omega #1.