Director’s Cut Of Batman v Superman Length Confirmed


The director’s cut of Batman v Superman is significantly longer than the theatrical release and the blu-ray comes loaded with extras.

Batman v Superman is a pretty long movie, already clocking in at just a tad over two and a half hours. But it still felt like there was just a ton of things missing from the movie (yet it managed to feel bloated at the same time, quite the feat). It was revealed even before Batman v Superman came out in theaters that the home video release would include an “R” rated director’s cut which would be more violent, but also restore a significant chunk of footage. Director Zack Snyder claimed that there’s about 30 minutes of footage that got cut from the planned release, leaving characters like whoever the hell Jena Malone plays on the cutting room floor. Of course we later learned this was cut down even further from the very first cut of the film, which clocked in at a whopping four hours.

Well, now a Swedish retailer has confirmed that in fact the Batman v Superman director’s cut will indeed be 181 minutes long, so about 3 hours. This is not official confirmation of course, but between this and what’s been previously said, it looks to be pretty certain that the director’s cut will be three hours long.

In addition to that, the retailer also mentions over 2 hours of special features on blu-ray. This most likely includes behind the scenes features and featurettes about Batman v Superman. But hopefully also deleted scenes that didn’t even make the director’s cut and I really am hoping for at least a director’s commentary, possibly with at least one of the major stars, because I think that would be utterly fascinating to hear.

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One last thing, though the release date was previously listed for the home video release on Batman v Superman, Warner Bros. has since come out and stated that July 16th is in fact not the release date and there is currently no release date set for the home video release of the film, so  it could be awhile longer. Of course, that also gives them a bigger window to release the director’s cut in theaters if they wish to do so…