Gotham: Nygma Tried To Be A Good Guy


On Gotham, Nygma’s only found success at being bad

Edward Nygma has recently really found himeself on Gotham, declaring “this is who I am”. Unfortunately, who Edward Nygma is turns out to be a homicidal maniac with an unhealthy obsession with puzzles. Gotham’s Cory Michael Smith, who plays Nygma on Gotham explains that Nygma really did start out trying to do good, but only found real success when he turned evil:

"He tried for so long to be a good guy and to make positive relationships with people. It was just failure after failure after failure. The only time he’s gotten any type of mileage, and any kind of relationship, was when he did unfortunate things to get it. He is delusional, but quite brash and vocal about it. I, Cory, do not think that is who he was meant to be, but Edward thinks so."

Smith also noted that over the next several episodes of Gotham, even though Nygma is locked up in Arkham, we’ll start to see him realize some of his strengths. Such as understanding the kind of sick people you’d run into at Arkham Asylum. But Smith also noted that Nygma’s narcissism, his biggest weakness, will only increase as time goes on. He also noted that the relationship between Nygma and Gordon has turned into a high level of competition and retribution, and this is just the start of a very long tug of war.

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So it seems like over the next several episodes of Gotham, Edward Nygma will grow into the true homicidal maniac that really allows him to become The Riddler. It will be interesting to see how he interacts with the likes of Hugo Strange and others in Arkham Asylum. Keep tuning into Gotham Monday nights on Fox to find out!

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