Preview: Spider-Women Omega #1 From Marvel Comics


Thanks to Marvel Comics, we have a preview of the finale of the big Spider-Women event in Spider-Women Omega #1.

Every once in a while, it seemed like Marvel would make an attempt to expand the Spider-Man franchise beyond just the Amazing Spider-Man title. Usually they would launch three of four additional titles starring characters from the periphery of Spider-Man’s world with much fanfare, only to cancel them all within a few years.

The latest version of this happened just before Marvel began the Secret Wars and in a nice change of pace it featured a trio of female heroes. One was Jessica Drew, the longtime hero known as Spider-Woman as well as two newcomers in Silk and Spider-Gwen. All three series experienced great critical as well as commercial success and they all returned after Secret Wars was over with new first issues.

So it was obviously just a matter of time before the three joined forces in an event all their own.

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Spider-Women has been a blast so far as the three women join forces in an adventure on Earth-65 against the Cindy Moon of that universe. And now it all comes to a rousing conclusion in the pages of Spider-Women Omega #1.

Spider-Women Omega #1, on sale in May, is written by Jason Latour, Dennis Hopeless and Robbie Thompson with art by Nico Leon and promises big ramifications for the Spider-Women of the Marvel Universe.

From the Marvel press release:

"With Silk out of commission, Spider-Woman and Spider-Gwen make their way back to Earth-65 for a desperate, impossible battle. They’re outgunned, outmanned and out planned. How could they possibly match up to the might of Earth-65’s Cindy Moon and her agents of S.I.L.K.? They don’t know either – but they have to try. Don’t miss the Earth-shattering finale that will shake Cindy Moon, Jessica Drew and Gwen Stacy to their very cores! SPIDER-WOMEN OMEGA #1 comes to comic shops and digital devices this May!"

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Spider-Women Omega #1 goes on sale May 25, 2016 and features a cover by Yasmine Putri with an action figure variant cover by John Tyler Christopher.