Prepare For Civil War: 25 Greatest Captain America Moments In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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#7 – Cap and Thor Make a Great Duo

From: Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

Captain America has always been known to be a team player. He was probably the kid who shared all his toys with everyone in the neighborhood. Thor … not so much. However, as time went on, the God of Thunder grew and changed, making him more modest and cooperative. That, kids, is what we call character arcing. Thor’s growth can be seen in his rapport and respect for Cap. And it also shows in their partnered fight and save scenes.

In the opening sequence, we see the team in Sokovia, infiltrating Strucker’s Hydra research base. When Cap and Thor see a whole line of Hydra soldiers approach, Cap raises his shield and Thor hits it with Mjolnir, creating a shockwave that knocks the soldiers down and destroys a tank.

The next time we see some shield-and-hammer action is during the final battle. Cap flips his shield up at Thor, who bats it with Mjolnir, accelerating the shield into a deadly projectile that flies and cuts its way through dozens of Ultron’s drones.

However great their fight scenes are, the two work just as well together saving lives. When a car with a woman inside falls off a dilapidated bridge, Thor flies after her, grabs her, and tosses her back up to an awaiting Cap. Now that’s what you call team work!

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