Every Single Arkham City Easter Egg


Arkham City has significantly more awesome Easter Eggs than Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham City was the highly anticipated follow-up to arguably the best superhero game of all time, Arkham Asylum. But how do you possibly follow up a masterpiece like Arkham Asylum? Well, for Rocksteady, the developers of the Arkham seris, the answer for that in Arkham City was a lot more of everything. An entire city as oppossed to the grounds of the asylum. Loads more enemies and more of Batman’s most deadly foes. And of course, more Easter Eggs for the fans.

In fact, Arkham City sports at least nearly 100 Easter Eggs, a pretty significant upgrade from the 75 found in its predecessor, Arkham Asylum. The Easter Eggs have all been collected and catalogued in this nifty video by Riley Nicholas. Now he admits, he may not have found every single one, but he found 98, which is probably way more than any other person has. Check it out below:

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Arkham City might not have been as tight an experience as Arkham Asylum, but all the added extras certainly made up for it in my opinion. I wonder if these Easter Eggs will be a little easier to spot with more of an HD shine when the Batman Arkham collection, which has pretty much been confirmed but not officially announced releases for PS4 and Xbox One? Will more Easter Eggs be uncovered? Again, while this is almost certainly a large majority of the Easter Eggs in Arkham City, even the creator of the video says he’s not certain he’s gotten all of them. And obviously somewhere down the line, you have to have an Arkham Knight video (and maybe an Arkham Origins video? that’s barely considered part of the series though). Wonder how many more Easter Eggs that holds?