Gotham: Selina Is Looking For A Friend


Check out a very unlikely meeting of two individuals in a clip from tonight’s episode of Gotham!

Hey, what has Selina Kyle been up to lately on Gotham? We haven’t really seen her since Bruce took terrible advice from Alfred and choose to push her away and prioritize solving his parents’ murder! Well, turns out that she hasn’t just been hanging around doing nothing, as this clip from tonight’s episode of Gotham, “Unleashed” shows.

Selina Kyle has been searching for a friend of hers. This clip doesn’t reveal what friend, but since it has lead her into the air ducts of Arkham Asylum, I’m going to say it is most likely Bridgit Pike aka Firefly. If you don’t remember, Firefly was badly burned in a previous episode, but carted off to Indian Hill in a still most likely alive condition, and we haven’t seen or heard from her since.

Considering that Hugo Strange rescued Victor Fries from an icy grave (albeit with consequences), I can only imagine something similar is going on with Firefly. Although we don’t get to find that out in this clip, as Selina runs into a certain recent guest of Arkham Asylum who has discovered its secret and not surprisingly, wants to get the hell out of there. You can probably guess who this individual is, but I won’t spoil it for you, just watch the video:

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Well, it’s nice that Nygma didn’t try to straight up murder Selina upon first meeting her, and it is pretty amusing that she isn’t paying any attention to his numerous warnings about what is going on in the basement. I mean if it freaks out Edward Nygma of all people, it must be pretty bad. I bet we’ll see for ourselves on “Unleashed” episode of Gotham tonight on Fox!