Who Is The Villain Of Justice League Part One?


You may have already seen the villain for Justice League: Part One

One of Batman v Superman’s major plot points was peeking into a possible dystopian future and knowledge that some big bad is on his way to Earth. That is why Batman & Wonder Woman are seeking out other powered beings, to form the Justice League and combat this evil. Now granted, if you’ve seen Batman v Superman, Darkseid seems like the obvious villain that they must join together to fight. But according to movie rumors site BirthMoviesDeath, you may not even see Darkseid. Not in Justice League: Part One anyways.

The site claims that the first major villain the Justice League will actually face is Steppenwolf. Steppenwolf actually appeared in a deleted scene from Batman v Superman that was released online mere days after the movie came out (presumably one of many that might make the movie actually coherent),

For those not familiar, Steppenwolf is the military leader of Apokolips and Darkseid’s uncle. He would be the villain appearing in Justice League: Part One. And it’s not that Darkseid won’t be present at all in the movie. I mean, Steppenwolf is from Apokolopis and leads its armies, he’s obviously tied to Darkseid. But don’t expect Darkseid to actuallly show up until the end of the film, possibly not even really taking any action himself until Justice League: Part Two releases in 2019.

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Although it doesn’t implicitly say it, what this report also seems to imply is that while the Justice League minus Superman might be able to handle Steppenwolf, they won’t be able to defeat Darkseid without Superman’s help, so he just might remain dead for all of Justice League: Part One.

Sure, why not? I mean the Justice League is already missing several key members (Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Hawkman/Hawkgirl), let’s keep Superman out of it as well, so people just keep waiting for him to show up while the Justice League battles this villain NO ONE cares about. I mean, it would literally be better to have Granny Goodness be the villain because at least some people would know her from the Justice League TV show and it’s so weird and out of left field. There’s nothing special about Steppenwolf that would make anybody care UNLESS he’s working directly with Darkseid in the same movie.

But to be fair, many superhero films have been enjoyable despite lame or unforgettable villains (I mean really, how many good Marvel movie villains are there?), so this won’t necessarily make Justice League a bad film, but it just seems like a waste when you can just bring in Darkseid. Justice League: Part One is filming now and is set to release Noevember 17th, 2017.