How Darkseid Figures Into Justice League


Darkseid tried to take over the Earth once before

Steppenwolf in fact be the big bad of Justice League: Part One, but he is of course just a prelude to DC’s biggest bad, Darkseid! We previously reported on the rumors that Darkseid may barely appear in the first Justice League film, but he may appear enough to explain how he fits into the DCEU and Justice League as a whole.

According to Heroic Hollywood, Darkseid already tried to invade Earth once, about 30,000 years ago. He was defeated through the combined efforts of humans, Amazons & Atlanteans. But Darkseid also left three Mother Box devices on Earth. You saw one of them in the brief Cyborg scene in Batman v Superman. Apparently the plot as it stands right now for Justice League: Part One is Steppenwolf comes to Earth looking for those Mother Boxes.

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So this basically has a couple possible outcomes. Either Steppenwolf acquires the Mother Boxes, which maybe are key to Darkseid invading Earth, or he fails, bringing Darkseid to Earth to finish the job.

So this is also possible to change too though, apparently the script for Justice League is constantly changing. But for now it appears that the plot for both Justice League movies will revolve around the 3 Mother Boxes Darkseid left on Earth the last time he tried to invade, and him trying to get them back. Though why he waited 30,000 years to try again is anybody’s guess. Maybe he waited until he felt at the very least the Amazonians and the Altanteans weren’t as much of a presence on Earth as they were when he tried to invade previously. But it also may just be one of many things that just makes no sense, just like most of Batman v Superman. Justice League: Part One opens in theaters November 17th, 2017.

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