Gotham: Indian Hill


Can Gotham survive what’s inside Indian Hill?

Nearly all season long on Gotham, we have been trying to solve the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents, and the mystery of just what the hell is really going on at Indian Hill. And guess what? It’s all connected. Hugo Strange, who runs Indian Hill, murdered Thomas and Martha Wayne! And is committing weird experiements in Indian Hill. He’s bringing people back from the dead and augmenting them, like he’s done with Victor Fries, Theo Galavan and others. But to what end, and who does Hugo Strange answer to? And how does Fish Mooney tie into all this?

We get some answers in this Gotham featurette all about Indian Hill and Jada Pinkett Smith returning as Fish Mooney (and also how super excited everybody is to have her back). Hugo Strange does try to give her an identity much like he did with Theo Galavan, but somewhat miraculously, Fish Mooney knows exactly who she is :

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Sean Pertwee, who plays Alfred, hints that a whole bunch of people are coming back from the dead thanks to Hugo Strange’s success with reanimation. He may be referring to those who have already been ressurected (i.e. Firefly, Freeze, and now Fish Mooney), but one has to wonder if he’s also referring to a certain Joker-esque psychopath that died early on this season. After all, Ben McKenzie teased that Jerome Valeska was coming back. But maybe they are saving that for season 3? Of equal interest is David Mazouz, who plays young Bruce Wayne on Gotham, saying that Bruce realizes he needs to step up and defeat these super villains. Will we be getting our first inkling of Batman in Gotham season two? Turn into the last two episodes on Fox this Monday and next to find out!