First Look At Post-Rebirth Joker!


Joker is getting a makeover post-Rebirth

Joker is one of the most iconic villains of all time. He’s always easy to identify by trademark thinks like his freakishly white skin and green hair, but he has still gone through a lot of re-designs, some pretty drastic over the decades.

The most drastic in a long time might have been Joker’s “New 52” redesign, where he cut off his own face and then wore it as a mask. But of course the New 52 is coming to an end, and Rebirth is a line-wide event that is changing a lot of things, including the design of some characters. Batman has a new look, and apparently so will his arch nemesis, The Clown Prince of Crime.

Rafael Albuquerque  posted this image today on Instagram of the Joker’s post-Rebirth look, which is a variant to Batman #1:

This new Joker design basically looks like a cross between Jared Leto’s Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad film and Frank Miller’s take on him in the Dark Knight Returns.

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While it’s important to keep in mind this may not be exactly what the Joker will look like post-Rebirth (it’s a variant cover and Albuqerque is going to be doing art on Batgirl, where we may never even seen the Joker), it should give us a pretty good idea what to expect. It’s also worth wondering what exactly the Joker will be like in a post-Rebirth world. Batman was made more youthful than he’s been in awhile, could we see the same of Joker? Above all else, Joker is creepy as hell, and this looks like a very creepy dude, so I like it so far. What do you think of Joker’s new look? Let us know in the comments!