Who Is The Dead Robin In Batman v Superman?


The identity of the dead Robin from Batman v Superman revealed!

In the world of Batman v Superman, Robin is dead. Has been dead for about 10 years. Presumably murdered by the Joker. It is never explicitly stated which Robin this is though, or if there have been more Robins before or since this incident. It could have been Jason Todd, the Robin who was brutally murdered by The Joker and came back as the brutal vigilante Red Hood. It could’ve been Dick Grayson, or Carrie Kelley. Anybody really, especially when Zack Snyder seemed perfectly willing to kill off historic characters left and right.

Well now we know who identity of which Robin is dead in Batman v Superman, thanks to this video posted on Warner Bros. Facebook Page. If you wish to know, check it out yourself (WARNING: SPOILERS FOR BATMAN V SUPERMAN FOLLOW, DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW):

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So, not terribly surprising that it was Jason Todd’s suit in Batman v Superman, but obviously that leads to so many questions. Where is Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Tim Drake who has been Robin in a couple variations, and is Damien Wayne around (probably not yet)? Are there plans to bring back Jason Todd as Red Hood and how, since in the comics, he only came back to life from Superboy punching a hole in reality itself? It was rumored that Warner Bros. actually had big plans for Red Hood as a character so that is certainly a possibility.

And of course then, what if anything of these plans have changed with all the current executive shakeups at Warner Bros.? My guess is that at least Dick Grayson is alive, but we’ll have to wait and see how everything else shakes out, probably until the solo Batman film that now I’m really hoping is that untitled movie planned for 2018 because I won’t want to wait much longer to find out what is going on with any and all possible Robins in the DC movie universe.

h/t Batman-News