Gotham: The Tables Have Turned On Strange!


FIsh Mooney has full use of her powers in this clip from tonight’s Gotham finale!

We are just hours away from tonight’s season two finale of Gotham! We’ve been pretty concerned about what Jim Gordon, Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox are going to do to get out of their respective predicaments, but in all that, we’ve actually kind of forgotten about the biggest wildcard in Indian Hill, Fish Mooney. She has superpowers! Most importantly, her superpower is to make others do her bidding (as long as she has physical contact with them, though there’s no indication how long that lasts or if there’s any way to resist it), and unlike most of Hugo Strange’s other experiments, she fully remembers who she is and Strange has no hold on her. So of course, that will go badly for Strange, since he has just been keeping her captive in her cell and not letting her loose as you can see in this clip from tonight’s episode, “Transference”:

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The one part of the clip that really bugs me is Strange saying he thinks of Mooney like his own daughter. Maybe he’s trying to say anything to get out of a tight jam, but there’s certainly been no evidence that he feels or acts like that. It is funny to see him just haul ass out of there though. Obviously Mooney has quickly mastered her newfound abilities, will she actually use them to (most likely inadvertently) save Jim Gordon Or Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox? And you have to know that there is going to be a reunion between Penguin & Mooney, how will that play out? Will Fish Mooney actually live through Gotham’s second season finale, and what does that mean for season 3? Tune in tonight’s episode of Gotham, “Transference” on Fox to find out!

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