Gotham: We Haven’t Seen Jim At His Darkest


Jim Gordon may go through some really dark times in his journey back to the light in Gotham season 3

Gotham just concluded it’s second season last night, and while Gotham might soon be worse for wear with an army of monsters created by Dr. Hugo Strange on the loose, Jim Gordon finally seemed in a better place (maybe that therapy with Strange actually did him some good). Gordon was leaving Gotham for at least a little while in the hands of acting GCPD Captain Harvey Bullock so he could find Leslie Thompkins and restart their life together.

But as Gotham Executive Producer John Stephens explains, Jim Gordon is far from out of the woods:

"His journey back to the light and his ideals, I can promise you, is not going to be a smooth one next year. Nor do I think we’ve actually seen him at his darkest yet even."

Stephens also said that we will catch up with Hugo Strange in first couple episodes of season three and that The Court Of Owls, the mysterious organization that Strange answers to, will be explored further in the nest season as well.

As to the question of more Fish Mooney on Gotham (played by Jada Pinkett Smith), Stephens seemed like he wasn’t 100% positive she would be back, but seemed fairly sure she would, and said he plans to build stories around the idea that she will indeed return.

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I am all for more Fish Mooney in the next season of Gotham, but I don’t know about Jim going to an even darker place. Hopefully it will be short-lived, becuase I would think now you focus on him rediscovering his purpose at the GCPD, becoming Captain, and possibly Commissioner within the next few seasons. We’ll see how much darker Jim Gordon can get in season three of Gotham in the Fall, I guess.

h/t Zap2it