Samsung Officially Unveils Batman Galaxy S7 Phone


Samsung Has Officially Unveiled Its Batman Galaxy S7 phone, but it’s not announced for the US yet

Yesterday, we reported that a Batman-themed Samsung Galaxy S7 was coming. It was supposedly to celebrate the third anniversary on Injustice: Gods Among Us, a DC fighting game that started on consoles but has clearly also thrived on mobile platforms. I was personally hoping that it was a least a hint that a sequel was coming.

But now Samsung has officially unveiled their Batman-themed phone, and there is no mention or hint of a possible injustice sequel. That being said, the phone itself looks pretty slick with the gold bat-symbol on the back. It’s the kind of phone Bruce Wayne would use if he was Batman, but really egotistical and bad about keeping his secret identity actually a secret. It comes packaged with Gear VR, Oculus VR content vouchers & credits for the Injustice mobile game. You can check out a pretty cool unboxing video for the Samsung Batman Galaxy S7 Phone below:

The Samsung Batman Galaxy S7 phone will be available in select territories starting next month, but of those announced, the U.S. was not mentioned. Hopefully that will be changed soon.

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Well, the phone does indeed look cool. But admittedly as someone who is usually getting pretty economic phones (I’d be surprised if mine can run Angry Birds), this limited edition phone that comes with completely unnecessary extras really is no up my alley.

Of course the more disappointing aspect is that this phone really seems to be just tied into Injustice: Gods Among Us for it’s third anniversary. There are only a few games anybody cares about three years on, and Injustice is not one of those games unless it’s getting a sequel. But E3 is just a couple weeks away, so maybe there’s some hope. In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated if this Batman Galaxy S7 Phone is coming stateside.

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