Suicide Squad Jackets!


Look like the Suicide Squad in these awesome jackets!

Suicide Squad is the next big comic book movie on the horizon from DC films, and it packs a variety of colorful characters with varied and cool outfits. It’s only natural that someone might want to dress up like Harley Quinn, Katana or El Diablo. Well, with some cash (though not an insignificant amount)  you can dress like your favorite anti-heroes from Suicide Squad, through Angel Jackets and their Suicide Squad collection, featuring some high quality replicas of the signature clothing the same characters in the movie wear. Check out looks at the jackets of Harley Quinn, Katana and El Diablo below:

The jackets and other Suicide Squad merchandise all vary in price, but probably the highlight is Harley Quinn’s “Property of Joker” bomber Jacket because not only does it look authentic and cool, it’s probably the most reasonably priced of these items at $89, while both the El Diablo and Katana jackets are significantly higher at $129 & $189 respectively.

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Jackets aren’t the only items available from Angel Jackets in their Suicide Squad collection. There’s coats for Deadshot (in his civilian garb) and Captain Boomerang, as well as a lot more Harley Quinn stuff like gloves, a belt a hoodie and shorts. But honestly, the jackets representing Harley Quinn, El Diablo & Katana are the standouts to me as they have unique designs and instantly recognizable as a piece of trademark clothing a character actually wore in the Suicide Squad film. These items and more superhero-styled clothing are available at Angel Jackets’ website, allowing you to attend either your next con or comic book movie premiere in pretty cool style (or just to wear out, we nerds can totally do that now, right?). Suicide Squad opens in theaters August 5th.