Rebirth Getting A Third Printing


Rebirth is getting a third printing, but thankfully not yet another price hike

Reibirth has been massively successful. So successful in fact, that the first printing sold out entirely. So DC wisely decided to release a second printing as a “deluxe” edition, but also with the rather shady caveat of doubling the price from $2.99 to $5.99, which was kind of ridiculous considering you could just buy the digital copy for the original $2.99 price.

Well, doubling the price of Rebirth hasn’t seemed to slow down sales any, as a third printing of Rebirth is planned. This third printing will feature new cover art by Gary Frank (Supergirl, Incredible Hulk) and be available July 6th.

But Rebirth isn’t the only DC comic getting multiple printings. All the new Rebirth comics out today are getting second prints (Batman, Green Lanterns, Superman & Green Arrow) that are due out June 29th (I’ve definitely seen evidence that physical copies of Batman: Rebirth #1 are sold out at some places, don’t know about the other titles). But it’s not just brand new titles. Older pre-Rebirth titles that directly tie into things shown in Rebirth, Justice League #50 & Superman #52 are getting second printings as well.  Second printings for everyone!

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It’s nice to see that Rebirth and the first wave of comics are selling so well, let’s hope it is a trend that continues for DC in general. That being said, the first week obviously featured some of DC’s biggest guns. I mean, Batman, Green Lantern (any Green Lantern), Superman & Green Arrow are almost always at the top of the DC food chain, so they alre almost always going to sell well, especially at the start of something like this, where people want to see just what is new and different this time. The real test will be when brand new titles featuring lower tier characters come out and see if they start and remain popular. Rebirth is availble now.

h/t Bleeding Cool