Batman v Superman: All Right, Who The Hell Is Jena Malone?


We finally see Jena Malone in the trailer for the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman, but who is she?

The trailer for the Ultimate edition of Batman v Superman dropped earlier today, and with it a lot of new footage and dialogue not seen in the theatrical release. That’s part of that promised 30 minutes that expands on scenes, has more dialogue, is apparently a little more brutal (earning the “ultimate” cut a ‘R’ rating) and we finally see footage of one miss Jena Malone, whose pic you can see in the featured image of this article.

But who is Jena Malone in Batman v Superman? Her mere appearance would suggest she’s not likely Barbara Gordon or Carrie Kelley, the female Robin from the Dark Knight Returns series that Batman v Superman borrows so liberally from. It would be one thing if she simply looked different, but from the one scene we get from her in the trailer, she really acts a certain way that makes me think she is one character in particular. Take a look at the trailer again and see if you can guess. It is someone else who works at the Daily Planet traditionally, and  is actually currently represented on a DC TV show:

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So if you haven’t guessed by now, Jena Malone’s character is most likely not Barbara Gordon or Carrie Kelley, but Daily Planet gossip reporter and sometimes romantic rival of Lois Lane Cat Grant. That’s right, she doesn’t normally run a media conglomerate in National City and act as a mentor to Supergirl, she usually is a trashy gossip columnist who has a very active party life. It honestly makes more sense that she was cut from the film, because then she doesn’t really serve the story at all. This is literally just a guess on my part, but it seems like a good one given the evidence. We’ll find out for sure when the Ultimate Cut of Batman v Superman comes out in digital formats on June 28th and on Blu-Ray and DVD July 19th.