Batman v Superman: Ultimate Cut Won’t Change Your Mind


An extra 30 minutes of Batman v Superman isn’t a magic fix for the film

Batman v Superman is a two and a half hour film. Granted, so are most of the superhero films out so far this year. But Batman v Superman seemed to be having a lot missing to the point where many scenes just seemed awkwardly edited and a lot wasn’t explained. We knew well before Batman v Superman even hit theaters that there was 30 minutes cut from the film at the last possible second, containing entire subplots, characters and extensions of sequences already in the film. We knew these 30 minutes would be available on the director’s “ultimate” cut of Batman v Superman. But would an extra 30 minutes drastically improve the film for those who didn’t like it?

Not according to Batman v Superman cinematographer Larry Fong, who tweeted a very blunt statement about the extra footage:

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This actually shouldn’t be much a surprise to anyone really. I mean really, the ones with the lowest opinions of Batman v Superman were people that felt this is not what Superman should be like, and arguably not what Batman should be like. In their opinion, Superman never kills and doesn’t go around just being mopey all day long. Batman might be a dark character, but he doesn’t use guns and straight up kill people. Extra footage might make Batman v Superman seem like a much better edited film and explain a lot of plot holes in the theatrical release, but won’t change what Zack Snyder’s vision of these characters is, so if that was one of your biggest problems with the film, there isn’t any magic bullet that will fix that. The Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman is due out June 28th on digital formats and July 19th on Blu-Ray and DVD.