Supergirl Will Introduce Superman, But How About Batman?


The CW released news this week that their newest addition to their DC universe (Supergirl) will feature Superman in the first two episodes of season two. We will finally see Superman this season in person as opposed to the constant cameos where the sun was magically in the lens or where we could only see him from afar.   This is a good step to correct a few of the mistakes that season 1 of the show made.

While we know very little about the part we do know that casting is currently happening so this means that we will see a new actor taking on the Man of Steel. After much speculation of a possible Tom Welling cameo this is refreshing news to keep the two universes separate. This also means that we will be seeing an active character within the DC movie-verse played by someone else in the tv-verse. This is a big step for the CW and DC shows in general.

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The lack of ability to see or reference characters that were active in a movie series on DC tv shows has been a long standing problem in my opinion. The fact that they are willing to take that on marks a change not only in strategy but in what stories that these shows will be able to tell.

Another piece of pure speculation on my part is that this opens the door for Batman to come into the picture. Obviously if you are going to introduce Supergirl then Superman and bring one or both into the crossover episodes you are willing to take on any character. While Fox has a unique perspective on the Bruce Wayne story it still would not prevent them from introducing a much later version of Bruce Wayne. Bottom line this is a very exciting piece of news for fans of DC’s Supergirl, Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow because it opens up completely new possibilities for all of the shows because now it is possible that no character is truly off limits.

h/t The Wrap