Gotham: Will Jim Gordon Actually Go To The Dark Side?


Jim Gordon has been some dark places in Gotham so far, but could he actually turn to the dark side in season 3?

Jim Gordon has done some dark stuff in the two season Gotham has had so far, but he’s usually veered back from the edge before fully going over. And at the end of season two, he very much seemed to be on the path to full redemption, going off to find Leslie Thompkins and make up with her. But we’ve been talking about how season three of Gotham will push Gordon more than ever before, and that may finally be what makes him go dark side, even if just for a little while, according to Ben McKenzie, who plays Jim Gordon on the show:

"Well, I think we’re just going to continue his evolution. We’ve shown a Gordon who’s changed an awful lot from where we found him in the pilot of the show: a naive, rookie cop. He’s transformed into this hardened, practitioner of real politik and the dark arts of Gotham power plays. He’s going to get even better at that in season 3. And he may even tip over, briefly… There’s an idea that he may tip over to the dark side for a little while."

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So what will drive Jim Gordon to this darkest place yet in season 3 of Gotham? My guess is that Leslie will reject him, she’s been his anchor in season 2, even when he was doing bad stuff on occasion. Without her, he will have no one to counter the darkness inside him, probably hook up with Barbara again in a moment of weakness, and TADAH, you have future Batrgirl/Oracle since the producers said they would be addressing Batgirl in the show at some point. Just a guess, but if it happens in season 3 of Gotham, you heard it here first!

h/t Newsrama