Did Supergirl Just Open The Door For Batwoman?


Supergirl is adding a slew of new characters for season two, one of which is connected to Batwoman!

Supergirl is starting season two on a new home in the CW network, and before it has even premiered it is getting pretty massive hype because it is actually introducing Superman (you know, rather than chatting with him on a computer or just have people referencing him like they did in season one). Being a Batman site, this leads to the logical conclusion that at some point, somebody needs to cast Batman, or at least include some of the Bat-family on if not this show, some other CW show (Batman doesn’t necessarily need his own show, bit he could show up for big events). For one thing, Batgirl and Supergirl are BFF’s big time, so it would be awesome if she at least occasionally appeared on the show. But now the list of new characters for season of Supergirl two might actually open the door for another member of the Bat family, Batwoman!

So for those not completely familiar, let me explain. There is a both an Batgirl and a Batwoman, and they are two distinctly separate characters. There was one in the 50s and 60s, but she was basically there just to throw off suggestions that Batman might be gay. Modern Batwoman has been around since 2006, and is someone merely inspired by Batman to become a crime fighter, but is generally thought to be on a level pretty equal to Batman, and not someone trained by him.

Getting back to Supergirl season two, one of the new characters being added to the cast is “Maggie” who is clearly inspired by Maggie Sawyer, a detective who dates Batwoman. So it’s that simple. You can introduce Batwoman to date Maggie, then by default the rest of the Bat-family exists and must be addressed, RIGHT?!?

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Bottom line, it’s getting more and more ridiculous almost by the day that CW in particular is using all these characters, but can’t seem to really use any of the Bat-clan, which is deeply woven into the core of the DC comics universe. Hopefully that will be remedied soon.

h/t TV Line