The Killing Joke Getting One Night Theatrical Release


The Killing Joke movie will  be shown in select theaters for one night only!

The adaptation of one of the seminal Batman (and really Joker) stories of all time, The Killing Joke is coming our way this Summer. Now The Killing Joke will be available on digital download July 26, with the Blu-Ray and DVD release following shortly after on August 2nd. But there are a couple of ways you might be able to see The Killing Joke before then.

One is to attend San Diego Comic Con, where The Killing Joke will be having it’s first premiere in front of on audience on July 22nd. Of course, unless you are already going to Comic Con, that might be a nigh impossible task as tickets and hotels have been sold out for an eternity and obviously if you don’t live in San Diego that isn’t particularly convenient for you.

Luckily there is another way that might be. Fathom Events, which usually shows things like Broadway shows or classic movies or even sometimes classic episodes of classic shows for limited theatrical release, is doing a similar thing with The Killing Joke movie. It will show the film in select theaters July 25, so that’s mere days after the San Diego Comic Con premiere. In addition, there will be shown a documentary about casting Mark Hamill in The Killing Joke and what the role of The Joker means to him. In addition, apparently there is a pretty macabre musical number in the film and there will be a look at that after the credits roll.

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You can find out more information about this one night only showing of The Killing Joke here, including signing up to be notified about what theaters the film will be playing in. If you can’t manage to make it to one of those theaters, well it’s not a much longer wait til it’s out on digital download (July 28th) or Blu-Ray and DVD (August 2nd)

h/t CBR