Gotham Trading Cards!


Gotham trading cards are coming your way later this year

Trading cards are a long-standing way to have a hobby involving some of your favorite obsessions. I had some baseball cards in my youth, but as a massive nerd who also liked wrestling the main cards I collected were things based around things like Marvel & WWE (and of course Garbage Pail Kids). Cards based on TV shows were definitely hugely prevalent in the 80s & 90s, but I can’t remember many shows getting their own set of physical trading cards in the last 15+ years because let’s face it, aside from some very niche collectors, trading cards aren’t the industry they used to be in general.

But apparently most shows do get their own set of trading cards still, and hit Batman prequel Gotham is joining in on that, as they are getting their own unique set of trading cards based on the show. Surprisingly, this set is not based on the entire run of Gotham so far, it’s just specific to season one. The 72-card based set is supposed to represent some of the highlights from the first season of Gotham.

The cards are separated into several categories including Character Bios, Quotes and Villains. Why villains needs a separate category from character bios, who knows. Will there be a bio card and a villain card for someone like Penguin or Fish Mooney?

And what trading card set would be complete without some rare cards? This set of Gotham has rare cards in the form of autographed cards and wardrobe cards, which both have a 1 in 24 chance of being in a set (cards are sold in blind packs of 5).

These cards for season one of Gotham will release sometime in Q3 of 2016.

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Now, I am a fan of Gotham, but I find this merch rather puzzling, because it’s hard to imagine someone who is obsessed with the show to the point where they would want to buy trading cards for it in this day and age. I mean, do you really want an autographed card of Ben McKenzie or David Mazouz that bad? And if you do, you probably already went to a con and hand your picture taken with and autographed by them.

h/t Cardboard Connection