Gotham: Vicki Vale In Season 3


Vicki Vale reportedly reporting for Gotham Season 3

Gotham has introduced a number of classic characters already in it’s classic run, but it is introducing more in season three. We already know there are big plans for The Mad Hatter and quite possibly Solomon Grundy. Maybe even Killer Croc.

And though Bruce Wayne is still a young boy, Gotham has had no problem introducing various romantic interests for him such as of course Selina Kyle but also Silver St. Cloud. Well, in season three of Gotham another love interest from the comics will be introduced, but markedly older than you might expect her to be.

TV Line is reporting that Vicki Vale will be coming to Gotham in season three. Vicki Vale is a reporter, but also a well-known love interest for Bruce Wayne, and has been featured in the original Batman movie starring Michael Keaton (played by Kim Basinger), some of the Batman animated shows and the Batman Arkham games so even more casual fans of Batman should be fairly familiar with her.

But apparently rather than Vicki Vale being the same age as Bruce in the show, she will reportedly be on Gotham as a young reporter in her early 20s, making her significantly older than Bruce Wayne currently is.

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Of course, Gotham is no stranger to playing around with the ages of characters on the shows. I mean at the very least, Matches Malone was far too old and too well known to have Bruce use that as an undercover alias later on in life. But that being said, Vicki Vale being say 8-10 years older than Bruce certainly doesn’t rule out romance down the line, it’s just likely Gotham won’t run long enough for them to legally date (not a knock on the show, just a commentary on how long most shows last). So expect ace reporter Vicki Vale to get some top notch scoops in season 3 of Gotham.