Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition: ‘Everyone Will Love It’


Batman v Superman cinematographer Larry Fong has changed his tune about the Ultimate Cut of the film

So we know that when it comes to home video, Batman v Superman is getting a much extended ‘R’-rated cut referred to as the “Ultimate Edition”. This “Ultimate Edition” will supposedly vastly improve the film, inserting lots of scenes, lines and indeed entire characters that were left on the cutting room floor. It certainly looked to be vastly improved from the trailer. However, not long after that trailer dropped, Batman v Superman cinematographer Larry Fong came out and said what seemed at the time to not be a terribly controversial thing that basically amounted to if you liked what you saw in the theatrical cut, this will be right up your alley, if you didn’t like the movie, this won’t miraculously change your opinion. Doesn’t seem like a hot take or anything, just an honest answer about those extra 30 minutes not being any kind of saving grace for those who really didn’t like Batman v Superman.

But now, as though either forced by Warner Bros. PR or straight out replaced with a pod person, Larry Fong has pulled a 180, and is saying exactly the opposite of what he claimed earlier:

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I guess it is possible he watched this “ultimate cut” of Batman v Superman and it really did change his mind, but it’s such a drastic turn that seems unlikely. Is Zack Snyder holding your family hostage, Larry? You can tell us, it’ll be ok! But in all seriousness, while these extra 30 minutes may make Batman v Superman a more cohesive, better film, that still can’t address the problems many had with the dour tone of the movie, so I doubt any cut will change their minds. I mostly look forward to seeing if that extra footage can actually make the plot somewhat coherent. Batman v Superman releases on digital download June 28th and on Blu-Ray and DVD July 19th.

h/t Batman-News