Lego Dimensions Adding More Lego Batman


Lego Dimensions is adding a bunch of new franchises including stuff from the upcoming Lego Batman movie, Teen Titans Go and many more!

Well, Disney Infinity surprisingly gave up the battle for supremacy in the “Toys To Life” genre, and Skylanders seems to rapidly losing ground. But Lego Dimensions seems to be moving full speed ahead with it’s weird menagerie of licenses and adding a slew of new ones for it’s second year. Rather than a straight up sequel, Lego Dimensions will be getting “story pack” add-ons which will include roughly a half dozen levels based on a franchise. Also included with the packs are one character, a vehicle and a new them for your Lego Dimensions portal.

The new list of franchises is pretty impressive, especially considering how many franchises are already represented in Lego Dimensions. In a couple of cases, they seem to be doubling down though. Lego Batman, who was already in the game and had some content (he comes with the starter pack), is getting a story pack. This is most likely based at least in some part on the upcoming Lego Batman Film coming our way next year. Also of note for DC fans (and DC Comics in general already has pretty good representation in Lego Dimensions already with several characters) is a Teen Titans Go! pack as well, but no word on who will be included with that (besides Beast Boy, though he may be the only character). Here is the full list of franchises being added to Lego Dimensions later this year (note not all of these are story packs):

"Ghostbusters (2016)Harry PotterFantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemAdventure TimeMission: ImpossibleThe A-TeamThe Lego Batman MovieThe GooniesSonic The HedgehogTeen Titans Go!Lego City UndercoverKnight RiderThe Powerpuff GirlsGremlinsBeetlejuiceE.T. The Extra-Terrestrial"

And you can check out both a trailer for the new franchises being added to Lego Dimensions as well as a more extended look at some of the new additions below:

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I feel like Lego Dimensions succeeds where at least Disney Infinity failed because it more represents what playing with your toys as a kid is actually like and lets you do things like have Jake and Finn from Adventure Time have adventures with the Ghostbusters and so on. We’ll see if this approach continues to work but right now Lego Dimensions seems poised to be king of the Toys To Life Hill.

h/t Eurogamer