Gotham: Penguin In Season 3


Robin Lord Taylor talks Penguin in Season 3 of Gotham

Penguin had been through a lot in Season 2 of Gotham. His mother was killed. He was put into Arkham Asylum and tortured and “conditioned”. He then found his birth father only to have his father be poisoned by his own family. And then he killed and ate his family. But despite being understandably freaked out by the return of the previously dead Fish Mooney, Oswald seems to be back to his old self for the upcoming season three of Gotham, for better or worse.

Robin Lord Taylor talked to Comicmix.Com about what we will see from Penguin in season three of Gotham (no spoilers here):

"I think going into season 3, it’s all guns blazing. And also, he’s learned, having been at the top for the brief period. He learned now how much more difficult it is; and he severely overestimated his own abilities, and he didn’t take into account the fact that when you’re the “King of Gotham” you have a giant, giant target on your back in a way that you never did before. I think that’s the most valuable lesson that he learned this season; and then going forward, I think we’re watching his transformation from someone who’s finding their way in this world to someone who now has the wherewithal and the knowledge to basically, kick ass and take names. And not fear the repercussions because, again, having lost all the love in his life, going forward, he’s just going to be completely unhinged – which I’m really excited about!"

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It’s hard to think of what Penguin will be like in season three if he was holding back at all before. But then again, Gotham is a show that can constantly surprise you with how far characters go. We don’t have a premiere date yet for season three of Gotham, but I’m pretty sure I saw somewhere they started shooting this week so maybe we’ll get news on that soon.