Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition Details Have Leaked!


Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition leaked online, and Jena Malone is not who anybody thought she was….

Want to know all the important details in that extra 30 minutes included in Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition without actually having to watch them? Well you are in luck, as the Ultimate Cut, with the extra 30 minutes included leaked briefly online today and we have most of the important stuff revealed thanks to Obviously this contains heavy spoilers for Batman v Superman as well as the Ultimate cut of the movie, so if you don’t want to know any of this, stop reading now.

The biggest question of Batman v Superman (besides why did they let Zack Snyder anywhere near it) has been answered-The identity of Jena Malone’s character has been revealed! And man is it disappointing. She’s not Carrie Kelley. She’s not Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle. She’s not even Cat Grant. In Batman v Superman, Jena Malone’s character is a random scientist from Star Labs who is utterly inconsequential to the film. I guess that’s what months and months of fan theories and rumors gets you. I mean, if she was remotely important she would’ve been in the goddamn theatrical cut.

The other biggest thing is about the Ultimate Cut of Batman v Superman is it makes Lex Luthor look like more of a master manipulator than the king of coincidence he was in the movie. He planned everything. He had KG Beast fry soldiers to make it look like Superman burned them. He hired than killled that “villager” who testified about Superman’s actions overseas. He did actually line that fancy new wheelchair with lead so Superman couldn’t see the explosive design in it. That’s all in the Ultimate Cut.

Also it’s actually made more clear that the secret agent shot in the beginning of the film is Jimmy Olsen (rather than just mentioning him in the credits). It also establishes way better that Lex Is well aware who Batman and Superman really are rather him just seemingly pulling that info out of thin air at the last minute. Finally, the other biggest reveal is that Batman actually pulls some favors and gets Luthor sent to Arkham Asylum, making it extremely plausible he might show up in Suicide Squad later this year, because that’s where he’d meet Joker and Harley Quinn along with other famous DC vilains.

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While the extra footage contained in the ultimate cut of Batman v Superman won’t change the opinions of anybody who hated the film because Superman is too mopey and Batman kills guys and uses guns, this at least sounds like it will fix many of the various plot issues the theatrical cut has, which personally were a far bigger issue for me. I’d still love to see what was in that original 4-hour cut that was made. Maybe that’ll happen someday. For now, the Ultimate Cut of Batman v Superman will be released on digital download June 28th and on Blu-Ray and DVD July 19th.