Lots Of New Injustice 2 Footage


Check out over 15 minutes of Injustice 2 footage

E3 2016 is pretty much ended. And while there were plenty of cool games for gamers of all types to get excited about, Batman fans especially had reason to be excited, as several games featuring the Caped Crusader were present at the event. There was Telltale’s Batman adventure series, Arkham VR, but the one easily generating the most buzz was the long-awaited Injustice 2. While we saw a brief trailer with some gameplay, earlier this week Ed Boon was showing off lots of Injustice 2 footage and talking about what is different about Injustice 2, and not just from the previous game, but most other fighting games out there.

A really key element of Injustice 2 is customizable gear that you get from loot drops during fights that can drastically change how say your Batman is different from your friends’ Batman. Ed Boon wanted to stop short of saying the possible combinations of gear were virtually infinite, but he did say there was literally thousands of different combinations. No new characters were revealed in this video, but you can see each of the six Injustice 2 characters below, as well as a look at the roster screen with silhouettes of others (try and guess some of those). Check out a good 15+ minutes of Injustice 2 footage and Ed Boon talking about the game and how everything is going to work:

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You know, as much as I dug the first Injustice game, I’ve haven’t really been into online competitive play for a long time, so after I beat the game with all if not most of the characters, I was pretty much done with it. But something like customizable gear certainly might make me put more of an investment in the sequel if done really well. Injustice 2 is due out on PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime in 2017.