Batman Fights Kaiju In Batman & The Night Of The Monsters


Batman & Night Of The Monsters Is DC’s first Post-Rebirth Crossover Event

Batman has fought all kinds of unusual and powerful enemies in his many years. But in DC’s first post-Rebirth crossover event, Batman & The Night Of The Monsters, Batman may be facing literally his biggest challenge ever. In Batman & The Night Of The Monsters, a six-part crossover event that starts in September and spans the lines Batman, Detective Comics and Nightwing, giant Godzilla-size monsters are attacking Gotham!

How will Batman and his allies new and old deal with this new threat that can literally stomp all over them and Gotham? Well that’s Steve Orlando wonders too, and he talked about the idea behind Batman & The Night of The Monster Men:

"How does Batman, a man who has a plan for everything, deal with catastrophic Toho-style attacks on Gotham City? Along with that, I was especially excited to work with the Monster Men from a nerd standpoint because they showed up in Batman #1 1940). They were in one of the three stories, and I think they’re a historic group of characters. They haven’t really appeared too much since then. There was a great mini-series by Matt Wagner, but in general, they haven’t shown up that much for characters that have been with Batman for over six decades.For Night of the Monster Men, since we relaunched Batman #1, it felt right to get in the ring with them again. This time we’re going to do something even wilder and crazier with them than has ever been done before. This will be Monster Men unlike any you’ve ever seen. It’ll be sort of Kaiju horror that touches Gotham City in a way you’ve never seen before. In light of Rebirth, we have all the fun tech and games in Detective Comics, Nightwing, and the no-holds barred take Tom is doing on Batman, this is cool Batman. New technology—you’ll see him do things in Monster Men he’s never done before. I couldn’t be more excited about that."

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I’m definitely potentially excited for the idea of Batman and his allies battling giant monsters. Batman & The Night Of The Monster Men crossover event starts in September with Batman #7 and again will be a six-issue crossover event that also takes place in Detective Comics and Nightwing. I doubt I’ll pick up the individual issues but I’ll be happy to check them out if and when they get collected  in a trade.

h/t Comics Alliance