Gotham: Alfred In Season 3


Sean Pertwee talks about Bruce’s faithful servant and his role in season 3 of Gotham

Alfred Pennyworth has had his relationship evolve with his young charge Bruce Wayne over the last two seasons of Gotham. Starting from keeping him away from any possibly danger, he and Bruce have definitely evolved to mentorship and partnership, as he realized Bruce Wayne is going to do what Bruce  Wayne is going to do, so he should be helping instead of standing in his way. So how will that relationship change and evolve further in season 3 of Gotham? Sean Pertwee talked with Bleeding Cool about what he’d like to see happen with his character next season:

"I’d like Master Bruce to listen to Alfred occasionally, obviously. I’d like to become more part of his life. At the end of season two, we’re exposed to the Court of Owls and Bruce will learn that there is a very small portion of Gotham that is good and trustworthy. And with Lucius Foxx joining the good guys I’d like to see an adherence to the good guys and Alfred being more part of Bruce’s life and his trust."

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Well it has to go both ways really. Alfred always thinks he knows best, and hey most of the time he does, but Bruce Wayne is a smart kid capable of making most of his own decisions. And actually, with some serious super powers coming and everything that was let loose at the end of season two (including an evil(?) Bruce Wayne clone!), the few good guys left in Gotham will have to really work as a team to hold the city together. Find out if Bruce actually starts listening to Alfred (and vice-versa) when Gotham returns for season 3 September 19th on Fox!