Jeffrey Dean Morgan Wants To Play Batman?


Jeffrey Dean Morgan thinks it would be really cool to play an alternate universe Batman

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has played a lot of father roles over the years. He’s even played a super hero or two. And a father to one of the top superheroes, Batman in the most recent Batman v Superman film as Thomas Wayne.

As comic book fans know, there is a fairly well-known comic book storyline called Flashpoint, in which Barry Allen, The Flash races back in time to change one defining event in his childhood. But changing this event not only affects Barry Allen’s life, but has massive ripples throughout the entire DC universe. One of the biggest being that instead of Bruce Wayne’s parents, it was Bruce Wayne himself who was murdered in crime alley. This led to Thomas Wayne becoming Batman, but Martha Wayne becoming The Joker.

So, being that Jeffrey Dean Morgan played Thomas Wayne very recently, he was asked if he would be interested in such a role:

"Man, I would love to play that Batman… It would be very cool. Flashpoint would be very cool. Man, I would love it. I would definitely love it."

Jeffrey Dean Morgan also said he’s actually been bugging Zack Snyder for a larger role in the DC movie universe. Obviously, playing Thomas Wayne as Batman in a Flashpoint movie would be a way to do that.

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Uh, Mr. Morgan?  I’m just going to make a suggestion here, they literally just did the event that triggers Flashpoint on the season finale of The Flash, and the premiere episode of the new season is called FLASHPOINT. Maybe somebody can talk to Greg Berlanti or someone in charge and get Jefferey Dean Morgan in a cape and cowl ASAP!