Batman: The Movie Coming to Netflix


Good news for Batman fans who are also Netflix subscribers. Netflix will be adding Adam West’s Batman movie to their list of streaming options this July.  It will be released on the site Friday July 1st.   While the theme of the movie may be much lighter themed than any Batman movie has been in recent years there is something about Adam West’s lighthearted Batman movie and show that has continued to have a close following over the years despite it being  a bit dated.

The movie revolves around Batman and Robin being set up by some of the most recognizable Batman villains (Joker,Penguin,Riddler and Catwoman) .   The rest I will leave unspoiled for the few fans that have not watched it.

Batman (1966) remains one of my personal favorites of any adaption of Batman that has been released. Despite its corniness there is something so wholesome and funny about it that I could not help but enjoy it every time I have watched it.  Not only does Adam West make a good Batman but it is still considered by many fans to have be one of the best!  Add in plenty of Robin lines that will laughing and rolling your eyes at the same time.

The movie is set shortly after the conclusion of the first season and the cast of the show remains much intact for the movie. With the noted exception of Catwoman who was played by Lee Meriwether in the movie and was portrayed by Julie Newmar in season one of the  show.

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Despite this minor cast change the movie is a great extension of the show and in my opinion improves on where the show fell a bit short in its first season.  No matter how many times you have seen the movie it is well worth watching again when it is released onto Netflix July 1st.

h/t CNET