DC Comics Raven Miniseries Will Launch Later This Year


Teen Titans member Raven is returning to the forefront with her own miniseries which will be releasing later this year.

The wait for DC Comics’ character Raven to return to the forefront of comic books will not have to wait much longer. The Teen Titans member will be returning to the DC Universe in a major way later this year in her own miniseries.

Currently, DC Comics is in the process of fleshing out their new Rebirth event, a soft reboot of some of the major books coming out of their company right now. In 2015, DC stated that they would be releasing several miniseries in 2016 with Raven being one of the key titles.

DC Entertainment SVP Editorial Bob Harras talked about the idea with DC Comics.com:

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“Part of the New DC Universe involves keeping our comics lineup constantly evolving. That means more characters, different tonalities and new talent. Creating these miniseries enables us to maintain a diversified menu of titles, while testing the waters with fans to see how these new directions will be received. Readers won’t have to wait for their favorite character to have a guest appearance in another title; they get their own book, even if it’s for a limited run.”

For the time being, DC has held up their end of the bargain. The company has already released several of the titles they promised including Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life & Death by Amy Chu and Sugar and Spike by Keith Giffin.

Now it seems that Raven will be next forgotten hero to receive her own miniseries. DC Comics’ co-publisher Dan DiDio confirmed at Denver Comic Con 2016 that systems are still a go with this series.

Writer Marv Wolfman (The New Titans, Deathstroke the Terminator, Action Comics) will be returning to the Raven character again to pen this upcoming miniseries.

Raven is half-human and half-demon and is the spawn of interdimensional demon Trigon. Since the dawn of time, Trigon has continuously tried numerous times to enslave the people of Earth and to achieve infinite power.

Raven battles endless trying to balance both sides of her soul, making sure that the demonic side doesn’t overtake her humanity. She is extremely powerful; she has telekinetic, physic, and magical powers.

Since she deals with a never-ending battle within herself, it makes her incredibly powerful. She has the willpower to control people’s emotion and feel their joys, pains, and everything in between as well.

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Raven has been mostly a background character in comics in recent years; she has had cameos and appearances in DC Comics: Bombshells and a few sporadic appearances in Teen Titans.

Raven will be a part of the new Teen Titans team, which will be led by Damian Wayne in the new Teen Titians: Rebirth series. Raven will officially hit comic book shelves and Comixology on September 21, 2016.