Denver Comic Con Spotlight: Moriah Hummer


By day she draws comics, by night she plays roller derby! Moriah Hummer is a Fort Collins artist that creates and writes comic books. She currently writes and draws Flat Track Furies—a comic book featuring a team of roller derby women that fight supernatural occurrences in their town, Nuclear City!

Denver Comic Con 2016 was filled with incredibly talented artists and very gifted writers up and down artists’ valley. The number of great writers and artists to choose from were virtually endless. But one talent that stood out above the rest was author/illustrator Moriah Hummer.

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Hummer is the co-creator of the series Flat Track Furies alongside her husband, Paul Hummer. Moriah has crafted a once in a lifetime series geared towards empowering young women for the better.

“I originally decided that I wanted all the main characters in my comic to be female and none of them to be men because I want women to realize that their stories are important, their stories have value, their opinion matters,” she said to KUNC.

Flat Track Furies follows the escapades of the Unbreakable Molly Brown a.k.a. Molly, who is the captain of the roller derby team the Nuclear City Furies. The Nuclear City Furies are not the average roller derby team, they also fight crime and defeat evil vigilantes when they are not dominating the roller rink.

Women of all ages can see themselves in Molly Brown, Sydney Vicious, Paloma Del Infierno, Dora the Destroyer, and Val a.k.a. The Valociraptor. There’s a character in here for women of all shapes and sizes, which was the goal Hummer was reaching for when creating this series.

Hummer is among the many female writers in the comic book industry that’s trying to create her lane. Flat Track Furies is also the name of her publishing company as well.

“You’re seeing a lot more female writers, a lot more female artists, you’re seeing a lot more female creative teams, but it’s interesting because you also see pushback from a lot of existing fans. You see a lot of men talking about how upset they are that we’re ‘pandering’ to minorities and ‘pandering’ to women and ‘pandering’ to different sexual orientations. When really that’s probably representative of what the current demographic is.”

Recently, there has been a wave female characters dominating the comic book scene. Not only are women heroines more likely to be seen on new issues every Wednesday on comic book shelves but the number of women writers are also increasing. Hummer wants this trend to continue upward:

"The best way that we can keep this momentum going is number one: keep the conversations going. Challenge traditional characters, challenge why female characters don’t get the spotlight. And two: support those titles that are being released that have female characters or characters with minorities or characters with different sexual orientations. We should be buying those comics. Voting with your money is very important in the comic industry."

If you want to view/purchase art from Moriah Hummer, visit her Tumblr account and for all things Flat Track Furies visit her Comixology page.